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the temple of immensity is a composition for 16-part choir and fixed media electronics composed by Steven Naylor using astronomical data concerning the stars nearest to Earth and their properties. “The temple of immensity” is an archaic and rarely used term, defined as “the universe or the complete overhead expanse of the heavens, especially as conceived as an object of religious reverence.” This piece seeks to convey feelings of wonder and awe for outer space through the setting of an original self-composed poem and through the use of star data to determine musical aspects. The resulting 28-minute composition blends voices and electronics to musically depict stars, giving performers and listeners a striking musical experience to immerse themselves in, occupying a cross-disciplinary territory between the sciences and the arts.




Music Composition

First Advisor

Dr. Elainie Lillios

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Dr. Dale Smith

Second Advisor Department

Physics and Astronomy

Publication Date

Fall 12-13-2021

the_temple_of_immensity_complete - Full Score.pdf (3359 kB)
Full score of the composition 'the temple of immensity.'