Honors Projects


The Covid-19 pandemic transformed many different aspects of life as many individuals were sent home from school or work and were confined within their homes. Within restricted life, individuals experienced changes in their social lives, eating habits, and day-to-day routine. Within this research study I chose to examine how individuals' lives changed directly from the year before the Covid-19 pandemic to the first year of domestic shutdown. A sample of BGSU undergraduate students responded to a survey questioning them on their behaviors, feelings, and attitudes among these time periods. Results showed that individuals experienced significantly more disordered eating within the first year of the pandemic including significantly more fasting behaviors and significantly fewer hours spent exercising. Participants also reported significantly greater feelings of isolation and loneliness with significantly less social communication in the wake of the pandemic. Qualitative items asking how their lives were shaped and why these changes occurred also provided deeper insight.





First Advisor

Meredith Gilbertson

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Second Advisor

Abby Braden

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Publication Date

Fall 12-10-2021