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There is a lack of research in the professions of physical therapy and occupational therapy. To be more specific, the areas of stress and burnout have been topics of research within the healthcare field for medical physicians and nurses, but currently there is little research looking at stress and burnout for physical therapists and occupational therapists. (Anderson 2015; Berry 2019). The current study aims to look at the emotional connections between patients and professions, along with the related emotional stress experienced by these professionals. A survey was administered to 59 physical therapists and occupational therapists for the purpose to give data on the mental and physical stress experienced within these two professions. Major findings from this study revealed connections between the emotional and physical stress of bringing additional work home, connections between the years worked and desire to leave the profession, and the high emotional stress experienced within the profession. Therefore, establishing self-care plans and educational courses to better prepare graduate students within these two professions would be effective in reducing overall stress and burnout.


Human Development and Family Studies


Human Development and Family Studies

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Dara Musher-Eizenman

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Cindi Baum

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Human Development and Family Studies

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Elizabeth Emley

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Fall 10-13-2021