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Student Government National Network


My project is the creation and utilization of the Student Government National Network. This is a joint effort between many student leaders from around the country, but the idea for it was started by me and the former BGSU USG President Harrison Carter. My specific role in the development phase of this organization has been to bring in the student leaders in my network, as well as to consider the long-term marketing and financial routes we want the organization to take. I will be developing the marketing and economic plans for this organization, which have a major bearing on how successful this organization will be.


Business Education


Applied Economics

First Advisor

Steve Koppitsch

First Advisor Department

Business Education

Second Advisor

Kevin Quinn

Second Advisor Department

Business Education

Publication Date

Spring 2-2-2022

State Student Government Advocacy Group List.xlsx (6 kB)
Research Into State-wide Student Government Advocacy Groups

SBPNN Bylaws.docx (42 kB)
Bylaws of the Student Government National Network

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