Honors Projects


My goal is to assess how the photographic medium has historically been used to document the American immigrant experience. Then, I will create my own photo book to provide a different perspective and serve as a response to these traditional portrayals. As the granddaughter of Hungarian immigrants and refugees, I often reflect on my grandparents’ experiences and how they impacted my own life.

By researching both traditional and contemporary photographers whose work focused on American immigrants, I can compare how these immigrants were presented through different lenses. With my own photography, my intention is to provide an honest look into the life of my immigrant family, while being truthful to the complexities of the American immigrant experience.


Visual Communication Technology

First Advisor

Ross Mazzupappa

First Advisor Department

School of Art

Second Advisor

Dr. Andrew Hershberger​

Second Advisor Department

School of Art

Publication Date

Winter 12-12-2021