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Period poverty is the persistent lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, and sanitary facilities (Alvarez, 2019). Until quite recently, it has received very little attention in the United States. This project proved the prevalence and relevance of period poverty in the United States. As an applied research project this project acted upon this finding and aimed to help combat period poverty in the Bowling Green, OH community. This paper details the process and results of a campus menstrual products drive and social media advocacy campaign to address the stigma of menstruation in the United States. The overall findings of the project were that period poverty is a problem in the United States. Advocacy to educate the public on period poverty is the best course towards creating policy to aid those affected by period poverty.


Honors Program


Social Work

First Advisor

Dr. Jordan Wilfong

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Social Work

Second Advisor

Dr. Shannon Orr

Second Advisor Department

Political Science

Third Advisor

Dr. Kacee Ferrell Snyder

Fourth Advisor

Christina Igl

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Honors Program

Publication Date

Fall 11-30-2021