Honors Projects


Gena LeibFollow


Our oceans are one of the largest ecosystems found on our planet, and they are also one of the driving forces to a balanced planet. I believe that it is very important to restore our oceans to the once clean environment, and it is up to mankind to make that first step to do so soon and without hesitation. I believe that many people are uniformed on the topics of pollution, and it is important to bring attention to the issues through a perspective that society can see. Social media has had a huge influence on helping this, but for my honors project I wanted to take it a step further and see what other ways we can reduce plastic pollution in particular, while creating awareness. That is how I landed on the idea to create an art medium that displays the issue at hand with the product of the issue incorporated into the work. I believe art has a big impact on culture, and if we can use that to speak for our oceans, then people will see the message and want to help out in these endeavors for a cleaner environment.


Biological Sciences



First Advisor

Kevin Neves

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Andrew Gilliatt

Second Advisor Department

School of Art

Publication Date

Winter 12-12-2021