Honors Projects


This project is a written and illustrated book for children to assist with the grieving process by exploring different cultural representations of the afterlife. Death is an inescapable part of the human condition. Belief in an afterlife can help children retain a connection to the deceased and can be a useful tool for healing. While very young children (age four to five) inherently believe in existence after death, this decreases after the age of ten. This book targets children aged seven to ten and explains the benefit to believing in an afterlife. It explores different ideas surrounding the afterlife and explains that as cultures are diverse so too are ideas about the afterlife. The book is unbiased and gives children permission to reflect and choose their own ideas.


Honors Program


Medical Laboratory Science

First Advisor

Amanda McGuire Rzciznek

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Barbara Bergstrom

Second Advisor Department

School of Art

Third Advisor

Elizabeth Loo Zemanski

Third Advisor Department


Publication Date

Fall 12-13-2021