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4-H is the largest youth organization in the United States, therefore it has an impact on many lives across the nation. As a former 4-H member myself, I wanted to discover what some of the benefits of this organization are. I started my project by researching how 4-H began and what members in the organization participate in while also using my personal experience as background knowledge. I then looked at a variety of different studies that examined some of the benefits of 4-H, specifically in alumni. These other studies were used to guide the research I conducted. Also, I found many other personal stories about how 4-H impacted people’s lives. The stories showed members from a variety of backgrounds and how 4-H influenced and even still has an influence in their lives today. For my project, I sent out a survey to all of the 4-H members in the county I grew up in. The questions asked them about different skills that 4-H has helped them develop as well as activities they were able to participate in through 4-H. Descriptive statistics were then used to analyze the data. The ultimate goal of this project is to determine the exact benefits of 4-H and to be able to share them with others.


Accounting and Management Information Systems



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Mearl Sutton

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Kyle Moninger

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Applied Statistics and Operations Research

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