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College and life are stressful, but they don't have to be. We've all been in that place where it feels like life is caving in and there's nowhere else to turn, but it does get better. This event brings awareness to mental illnesses common on college campuses and in the community. There will be engaging and interactive activities to learn about anxiety & depression, and healthy ways to cope through music, art, theatre, amusement parks, learning, reading, and more. Performances by the Humanities Troupe and testimonies by current students who have had experience dealing with mental illness before or who have seen a friend go through it throughout the event as well. The following orgs will be there to gain insight on mental illnesses and where to go to get help: NAMI, testimonies, BG Counseling Center, BG Health & Wellness, Falcon Health Center, Zepf Center, student research, Humanities Troupe, BGSU Honors College, Harbor Wood County & BG Dining Services.


Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning


Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning

First Advisor

Dr. Heather Jordan PhD

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Second Advisor

Greg Dickerson

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Sport Management

Publication Date

Fall 11-8-2019