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Forensic accounting is a field utilizing accounting and investigative knowledge to detect and examine financial fraud. There is growing demand for professionals in the field. Currently Bowling Green State University (BGSU) does not offer a forensic accounting course. To determine if introducing a forensic accounting to BGSU is appropriate at this time, I have researched other accounting programs and forensic accounting courses. I have also conducted surveys of Schmidthorst College of Business students and faculty as well as forensic accounting professionals to determine if implementing a forensic accounting course would be beneficial to the university and to students. Based on this research, I have determined that students are interested in a forensic accounting course and the course would be beneficial to accounting students. Using the information gathered, I utilized evidence-based curriculum development to design undergraduate and graduate-level curriculum to be implemented for an effective forensic accounting course at Bowling Green State University.


Accounting and Management Information Systems



First Advisor

Alisa Suelzer

First Advisor Department

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Second Advisor

Dr. Julia Matuga

Second Advisor Department

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2021