Honors Projects


In this Honors Project the author's objective was to successfully helm a short film that effectively and fluidly conveyed a ciomplex thematic idea. Taking into account the research the author conducted on theories of film criticism as well as close viewings of thematically rich films. The author produced, directed, and edited a short film that expressed an intricate thematic idea. The author then tested the effectiveness of the film's thematic communication by screening a polished cut for a closed audience and subsequently engaging the audience about their interpretations of the film's theme via questionnaire. This report will outline the process of how the author developed the theme, used David Bordwell's theory of audience interpretation to construct a thematically strong film, and then conducted a test screening to gauge the effectiveness of the film's communication.


Film Production

First Advisor

Daniel Williams

First Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Second Advisor

Aimee Reid

Second Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Fall 12-10-2012