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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has been a topic receiving significant focus on college campuses across the United States. Thus, it is important for all undergraduate college students to understand the available organizations and facilities that will provide the most quality and effective mental health care. With BGSU undergraduates already facing academic and social pressures, in addition to the financial and other hardships brought on by the pandemic, it is imperative that students are aware of resources both on campus and in the local community so that their needs can be met appropriately and in a timely manner. By surveying BGSU undergraduates to gauge their attitudes on mental health and awareness of local mental health resources, as well as surveying local mental health experts to further explain the prevalence of mental illnesses on college campuses and future improvements that can be made to local outreach efforts, quantitative and qualitative data were collected to analyze the effectiveness of current mental health outreach and support provided to BGSU undergraduate students across Wood County, OH.


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Dr. Meredith Gilbertson

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Dr. Sherona Garrett-Ruffin

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Spring 4-25-2021