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Under the Compact of the Free Association (1983) treaties, Marshallese immigrants are free to live and work indefinitely without visas; however, American schools and educators have not been equipped with data and resources that can be used to address the cultural and linguistic diversity of their new neighbors. Therefore, the research question considers which resources and practices can help Marshallese immigrants succeed academically within the American education system. The findings, supplemented by the perspectives of local Marshall Islanders, suggest that educators need increased awareness of important cultural differences and further develop their cultural competency. Language teachers in particular may also find it helpful to note major distinctions between the English and Marshallese languages to predict where Marshallese English language learners may struggle with English grammatical concepts. The created resources, which aim to help local teachers develop their cultural competency, can be found following the paper.




Integrated Language Arts Education

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Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen

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Dr. Joanna Weaver

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Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2021