Honors Projects


The following project is a result of a study of the existing playground and garden at Troy Christian Early Childhood Education Center (TC ECEC) in Troy, OH. The TC ECEC Director wanted research, marketing standpoints, and a re-design for their playground and garden which led to an academic and professional collaboration that crosses into multiple project typologies. The Director consulted with the researcher, Gabriella Spatz, to create a list of necessary inclusions in both spaces which led to proposed floor plans and visuals of the playground and garden respectively. The designs sought to answer two research questions:

  1. “What playground and garden design, layout, and individual elements would best suit the TC ECEC?”
  2. “How do the playground and garden design presented foster an environment of comfort, safety, and explorative inquisition that will assist the children in their mental, physical, and social development?”


Architecture and Environmental Design

First Advisor

Allison Goedde

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Patrick Hansford

Second Advisor Department

Architecture and Environmental Design

Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2021