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This project uses an in-depth research study and personal account to determine what it takes to run a 12-hour running event, the appeal of ultrarunning, and what can be learned through the experience. The project explains the efforts behind the specific preparation for this ultramarathon, the final distance of 47.3 miles ran in 12 hours, the evaluation of the enhanced mental state achieved while running, an explanation of the final results through the Central Governor Theory, and the dissection of the study Pursuing pleasure or virtue: The differential and overlapping well-being benefits of hedonic and eudaimonic motives that suggests why people pursue ultrarunning. (The introduction to this project is listed in the Additional Files)


Honors Program


Aviation Studies: Flight Technology and Operations

First Advisor

Matthew Kutz, Ph.D.

First Advisor Department

Exercise Science

Second Advisor

Jessica Kiss, Ph.D.

Second Advisor Department

Exercise Science

Publication Date

Summer 8-21-2020

Introduction to the Project.pdf (61 kB)
Introduction to "The Process and Effects of Ultrarunning"