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Lauren LashFollow


A performance piece and this corresponding paper serve as my honors project, which has two main foci: devised theatre and how the media affects perceptions of mental health. This packet is a documentation of the rehearsal process and sources that influenced the piece and a link to the piece itself. Documenting the rehearsal process included a list of songs, rehearsal plans, rehearsal schedules, and my reflections on the process. Helpful sources included a photo release form, which allowed me to include a recording in this packet, and my annotated bibliography included sources about devising, portraying mental health in theatre, and how media portrayals effect public perceptions of mental health.


Theatre and Film



First Advisor

Dr. Heidi Nees

First Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Second Advisor

Dr. Abby Lyn Braden

Second Advisor Department


Third Advisor

Cody Page

Third Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Spring 2020