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Attempts at Subject Pronouns Across Assessments in Preschoolers


Young children sometimes substitute pronouns, for example, saying ‘her goes’ instead of ‘she goes.’ Seventeen four-year-olds’ use of third person pronouns (i.e. he, she, they, her, him, them) was assessed with both a formal test and an informal play-based language sample. This study compares pronoun use across the two assessment settings. The percentage of correct pronoun use was calculated from the language samples, and pronoun attempts on the formal assessment were counted. Out of the 17 children observed, ten children had perfect pronoun use on the informal assessment, and eight children attempted all pronouns in the play-based language sample. The percentage of correct third person subject pronouns during play predicted the number of attempts on the formal assessment. Specifically, children with higher play-based pronoun accuracy were more likely to attempt pronouns on the formal test.


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Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

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