Honors Projects


An exploration into the analytics of hockey and the business of sports betting. The goal of this project was to determine whether an equation could be created to predict the number of goals an NHL forward or defenseman will score in a future season based on a previous season’s data. Additionally, this paper explores the potential monetary values of such an equation, as well as the parties that may find it useful.


Business Analytics and Intelligence

First Advisor

Mike Good

First Advisor Department

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Second Advisor

Kyle Moninger

Second Advisor Department

Applied Statistics and Operations Research

Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2020

NHL Goal Regressions.mpx (268 kB)
Regression Equations in Minitab

NHL Stats 2017-2018.xlsx (388 kB)
Project Data for Equation Building

NHL Stats 2018-2019.xlsx (89 kB)
Project Data for Equation Testing