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Current high school curriculums are detailed to push students towards a college education. However, the curriculum does not prepare students for a life outside of academics. After creating a survey, the results showed that individuals that have completed their high school education do not feel prepared to enter the adult world. The individuals that took the survey responded that they did not feel comfortable managing their finances or cooking a meal on their own. In order to help prepare students for a life outside of the education, individuals in charge of creating a curriculum need to make revisions. After conducting research about high school curriculums and analyzing the data of the survey, there was some common suggestions on how to improve a high school curriculum. Some of the suggestion that high school administrators should keep in mind are that students should be required to take a financial literacy class and students should have the option of taking more electives that teach life skills. Potential classes that teach life skills are home economics, shop class, and classes that bring awareness about mental health. Administrators need to listen to the feedback of their students and take their suggestions seriously in order to create a high school curriculum that will prepare students for a life outside of academics.


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Dr. Krisitina LaVenia

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Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

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Cindy Ross

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Publication Date

Spring 5-8-2020