Honors Projects


Aaron J. Crouse


The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that increase and decrease the likelihood that students at Bowling Green State University will attend selected athletics events. Students were randomly selected to participate in a survey that featured the sports of football, hockey, volleyball, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball. It was concluded that the type of sport, free student admission, and the skill level of the opponent were to top factors that encouraged students at Bowling Green State University to attend athletic events while the time and date of the event, weather, and importance of the game were the factors that students claimed had the greatest impact on their decisions not to attend a game.


Sport Management

First Advisor

Jacquelyn Cuneen

First Advisor Department

Sport Management

Second Advisor

Lee Meserve

Second Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Third Advisor

Raymond Scheider

Third Advisor Department

Sport Management

Publication Date

Spring 2013