Honors Projects


Kathleen Adelblue


This paper explains the importance of integrating critical thinking and analysis skills into social studies curriculum. It is designed to show teachers how the process of planning and assessing are essential when considering how to implement the instruction of these skills. I start by explaining how to plan lessons so that they align with skills-based objectives and incorporates the state standards. Then, I outline ways to create lessons focused on developing critical thinking and analysis skills. Because assessment is such an important piece of lesson planning and implementation, the paper has a section dedicated strictly to this topic. It explains the purpose of assessment, how to connect assessment with learning objectives, and how to ensure that, as an educator, you are assessing both content and skills. The paper concludes with an appendix containing sample planning documents, lesson plans and all of the materials needed to teach the lessons, and a sample assessment. Because the paper is meant to be a tool for teachers, it is designed with hyperlinks that allow users to easily navigate between the sections of the paper. Understanding why these skills are important, and having the tools necessary to teach them effectively, teachers can begin to adapt to the changes that are already occurring in the world of social studies education.


Integrated Social Studies Education

First Advisor

Paul Moore

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Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Nancy Patterson

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Publication Date

Fall 12-16-2013