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There is a new wave of products introducing addiction to the young adult generation. Electronic cigarettes, both nicotine and THC containing, are a rising trend in the younger generations, including middle school, high school, and college aged students. With such a large amount of youth using these products, it is alarming how little is known about the consequences of these devices and how little the population cares about learning what is being inhaled into their bodies. That is why this project focused on creating a method which relays important information about electronic cigarettes in a compact and coherent way through the creation of a flyer. The intended target population focused on within this article is college aged persons and younger generations, ideally ages 12-28. While this flyer could be distributed to all ages, this report focuses on college-aged persons (17-28). The following article will include a basic background about electronic cigarettes, both nicotine and THC versions, followed by an evaluation on why college aged students should discover this knowledge. Then the general outline of the process of the project is highlighted, followed by an explanation of why a flyer was chosen and detailing each section chosen within the flyer. Finally, the article ends with what the project is intended to achieve, and what the future of electronic cigarettes will hopefully become.


Honors Program


Allied Health

First Advisor

Meggan Hartzog

First Advisor Department

Human Development and Family Studies

Second Advisor

Philip Welch

Second Advisor Department

Public and Allied Health

Publication Date

Spring 5-11-2020