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Dyslexia is a learning disorder with symptoms that greatly impact students in educational settings and these impacts can extend beyond the walls of school into everyday life. Progress has been made to identify and accommodate more students with dyslexia, but students still are diagnosed late into their schooling or go undiagnosed. To evaluate this problem, this study was designed to turn to general education teachers in Ohio with a survey. The survey looks at general education teachers’ knowledge on dyslexia and the dyslexia identification process, the impact undiagnosed dyslexia may or may not have in the classroom, and the teachers’ opinions on the potential use of a teacher administered screening test to recommend students for further dyslexia assessment. This survey was not able to be administered due to unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19. However, this study is explained in great detail for potential replication of the study and to inspire further research on this topic.



First Advisor

Dr. David Hampton

First Advisor Department

School of Intervention Services

Second Advisor

Dr. Meagan Docherty

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Publication Date

Spring 2020