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This document is a resource intended for female entrepreneurs who own or are looking to launch their own small business. The focus of this resource is to help business owners understand and apply strong social media marketing tactics to their small businesses. The document draws on passions, mission, and brand identity to help the user visualize the long term vision of their company's image. This is achieved by providing research and information on social media marketing in the following categories: target audience, gaining customers, brand goals, mission, visuals, voice, platforms, hashtags, analytics, and a pep talk.

The final element of this resource is the workbook. Each section of the resource has a corresponding activity in the workbook, specially designed to align with the chapter's content. The worksheets are designed to help the user work through the content and apply it to their own small business and have a tangible copy of the progress they have made. By following and executing the strategies in this resource, my hope is that there would be significant growth in social media presence, brand identity, and purpose within the company.

This resource is a result of Erika Glover's Honors Project in tandem with the HNRS 4990 course taken to complete her graduation with honors at Bowling Green State University.





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Spring 5-11-2020

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