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As a music educator, I value a comprehensive and well-rounded music education that is inclusive and dynamic – an education that introduces students to the global world they live in and fosters compassion and understanding of cultures different from their own. However, I did not fully understand how I could provide that for my students and how to do so in a respectful and appropriate way that did not other or appropriate the culture I was attempting to honor. That desire to learn more about teaching world musics and representation in the classroom drove me to pursue answers through the interdisciplinary project that combines music education and ethnomusicology. This research-based creative endeavor features a review of literature from the fields of music education and ethnomusicology regarding teaching world musics, an account of my experiences while studying in Morocco and learning Moroccan music and culture, the findings from my time abroad related to teaching world musics and representation, and a unit overview that directly applies the knowledge and skills I acquired from my research to a sixth-grade general music classroom.


Music Education


Music Education

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Christopher Witulski

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Lisa Gruenhagen

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Music Education

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Spring 5-16-2020