Honors Projects


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Kwangju Pro-Democracy Movement, a civilian protest in the city of Kwangju against the Chun Doo Hwan military dictatorship, which was brutally crushed by the military. This research focuses on the journalism that occurred during movement and attempts to analyze the relationship between the government and the media by gauging the extent of censorship. This is done by comparing censored national and local newspapers in Korea to uncensored foreign newspapers for differences in the information presented. Because of factors such as biases and differences in access to resources between newspapers and journalists, this research focuses on press freedom rather than the accuracy or closeness to the truth. This research analyzes national Korean newspapers such as the Chosun Ilbo, local newspapers in Kwangju such as the Cheonnam Meil Sinmun and American newspapers such as the New York Times. The results of this research contribute to understanding the relationship between authoritarian governments and the media.


Asian Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

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Second Advisor

Dr. Neil Englehart

Second Advisor Department

Political Science

Publication Date

Spring 5-30-2020