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NCAA Division I institutions across the nation have consistently experienced declining attendance numbers at home athletic events over the past few years. Acknowledging this downward trend, this study explores how making an investment in faculty can positively influence attendance numbers and faculty involvement in athletics. In addition, studies have supported the notion that a high level of fan support and attendance at athletic events can be correlated to team success. Accordingly, Bowling Green State University (BGSU), a mid-major school that sponsors 18 NCAA Division I varsity athletic programs, has implemented a faculty, staff and retiree ticketing program in order to boost their attendance numbers and effectively market towards this large campus community. As a result, this study aims to unearth the factors and benefits that motivate faculty to attend athletic events, as well as gather feedback from BGSU faculty members in order to develop improve the current faculty, staff and retiree ticketing program at BGSU in order to accommodate more faculty members to contribute to a winning atmosphere at athletic events. This research and subsequent marketing plan can be used as a model for other NCAA Division I institutions that do not currently employ a faculty ticketing programs to strengthen their attendance numbers.


Sport Management


Sport Management

First Advisor

Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba

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Sport Management

Second Advisor

Taylor Jefferson

Publication Date

Spring 5-13-2019