Honors Projects


This paper’s purpose is to talk to future coaches about the idea of athletic inclusion, as well as their related questions, ideas, and issues surrounding the topic of students with disabilities being on school sponsored sports teams. To conduct this research, the interviewer set out a mass email through a university application to encourage interested participants to take part in face to face interviews. Based off these interviews, the interviewer, with the help of a Graduate Assistant, created transcriptions for future reference. Based off of prior research, conducting interviews, and creating transcriptions, the interviewer was able to come up with a list of five recurring themes that was found consistently through all three interviews. These five themes include: the nature of a disability, teammates’ opinions, the student’s ability level, responsibilities of a coach, and the nature of an individual sport. Overall, with the research conducted and the results analyzed, the interviewer was able to conclude with more participants, a more generalized statement could have been made regarding future coaches’ opinions about the inclusion of students with disabilities on school sponsored sports leagues. Although a generalized statement could not be reached, five themes are identified consistently throughout the three interviews conducted.


Intervention Specialist, Mild-Moderate

First Advisor

Dr. Brooks Vostal

First Advisor Department

Special Education

Second Advisor

Dr. Chrirty Galletta Horner

Second Advisor Department

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Publication Date

Spring 5-10-2019