Honors Projects


Elizabeth Truman


More than 57 years after James Dean’s death, thousands of fans flock to his hometown each year. Armed with my love for the icon, and a curiosity as to why people repeatedly visit the small town I hold so dear to my own heart, I began researching the town and interviewing fans and Fairmount locals. After four trips to Fairmount conducting interviews and interacting with fans, I was able to gather all the footage I needed for my documentary. I used a Canon60D camera to shoot my interviews, and the footage was edited using Final Cut Pro. The information I gathered from all of my interviews was consistent; it is the welcoming atmosphere and friendly people of Fairmount, Indiana that keep fans coming back and, ultimately, keep the spirit of James Dean alive.


Film Production

First Advisor

Cynthia Baron

First Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Second Advisor

Lucas Ostrowski

Second Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2013