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This paper reviews a short case study on High School Students’ opinions of social studies education. This was conducted in response to a 1984 study, “Why Kids Don’t Like Social Studies” by Schug, Todd, and Beery. This study took place at a suburban high school within senior level social studies classes. The students were given an anonymous survey in accordance with IRB standards which asked them there opinions about the social studies classes they had taken. It also asked them about their favorite subject and why it is their favorite subject. This is important because as a future educator, the author is interested in how to make sure that their students will be invested in the topic that they are teaching and how to make this information connected to their students’ current lives. The author reviewed several sources from 1984- 2010 (Schug, Todd, and Beery, 1984; Zhao, and Hoge, 2005; Fernandez, Massey, and Dornbusch, 1976; Russell, 2010). The author found that math and science are currently being introduced in schools and the keys to success; therefore students name these classes as most important. Student responses to this survey has changed the way that the author plans to teach social studies classes and the author would like to do further research on this topic.




Integrated Social Studies Education

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Dr. Nancy Patterson

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Dr. Michael Brooks

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Winter 12-20-2018