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In this exploratory study, personal and social identity were analyzed for their effect on how consumers choose greeting cards. Factors, including personality, relationships, and identity will be qualitatively analyzed to understand people’s buying habits. Certain factors, including gender, personality, relationships, type of card, and frequency of receiving and giving cards, will be qualitatively analyzed for frequency. The two theories analyzed were the Social Identity Theory (SIT) and the Identity Theory (IT).

525 college-aged students were surveyed to examine their purchasing habits of greeting cards. The results showed that the identity of the card giver and the identity of the card receiver influenced the card chosen. It also showed that females are the majority of the card purchasers, and that females used cards to further and maintain relationships. Because of convenience sampling, there was a limitation to the number of participants as well as the age group surveyed. Greeting cards are a societal form of self-expression which allows for identity to be relevant.





First Advisor

Doug Ewing

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Second Advisor

Laura Stafford

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Publication Date

Spring 5-13-2019