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This paper analyzes the different factors and incentives influencing company and business site selection decision making. Policy incentives offered by governments for businesses, such as tax exemptions and reductions, subsidies, and promises of quality community life are evaluated for their effectiveness. This paper focuses on the City of Bowling Green, OH as a case study on what attracts businesses into local, smaller municipalities. Three manufacturer's within the Bowling Green jurisdiction are closely evaluated to determine what factors, including location, labor force, and quality of life, influenced their decisions to operate in Bowling Green.




Political Science

First Advisor

Michael Weber

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Nicole Kalaf-Hughes

Second Advisor Department

Political Science

Third Advisor

Katherine Sobota

Third Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 2019

Bowling_Green_Job_Fair.docx (174 kB)
City if Bowling Green Job Fair Mission, Goals, and Pitch

City of BG Job Fair Flyer and Pictures.docx (893 kB)
City of Bowling Green Job Fair Flyer and Photos