Honors Projects


This PR proposal is a guideline that can be successfully implemented into the BGSU Dance Program’s promotional efforts, specifically publicizing the annual Winter Dance Concert. Through inventive social and multi-media efforts, innovative collaboration with community and campus partners, and interactive updates to the Dance Program promotional efforts, this campaign will target and reach BGSU students, faculty and staff, Wood County community members, prospective BGSU students, local media and K-12 students in Wood and Lucas County. This proposal will mold a declining program into a thriving and engaging dance environment at BGSU. The implications for the field of dance and PR are first, that the two disciplines can be blended successfully to create a useful and novel product. Secondly, the implications for the performing arts and public relations fields include that research must be done on audiences and PR mediums to increase turnout in performing arts audiences. PR, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, must be part of any successful organization, and this proposal enhances the BGSU Dance Program with PR framework.


Journalism and Public Relations



First Advisor

Dr. Terry Rentner

First Advisor Department

Journalism and Public Relations

Second Advisor

Colleen Murphy

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 5-13-2019