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Inquiry-based learning is an approach to science instruction that has been around for over 40 years and has many positive aspects, including: critical thinking, student achievement, positive attitudes towards science, and student engagement. Inquiry-based learning has four different levels and is an instructional method that provides a problem or question which allows students to complete an investigation. This action research project will explore how inquiry-based learning affects student engagement and how student’s feel about inquiry. Students were taught with two days of traditional instruction, two days inquiry-based instruction, and then given a pre-survey and post-survey, and observed using an engagement scale. Overall, students scored better on the post-survey and had a higher rating for engagement. These results indicate that students showed greater engagement during the inquiry-based learning days.


Middle Childhood


Middle Childhood Education

First Advisor

Dr. Emilio Duran

First Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Second Advisor

Dr. Jodi Haney

Second Advisor Department

Environment and Sustainability

Publication Date

Spring 4-13-2018