Honors Projects


The present research project examines the possible factors to explain the word-final /f/ in Ecuadorian Spanish including but not limited to: where it is used, who uses it (gender, age ranges, social class), and with which words it is most commonly used. As the first extensive research study on the word-final /f/, the project may lead to other investigations of this phenomenon and other features of Ecuadorian Spanish. In addition, if there are other variations of the marker pues in the Spanish varieties spoken in different regions and/or countries, researchers can use this present study as basis to analyze the specific function of pues. Lastly, those interested in the phoneme /f/ at the end of words can now know and understand its role in the Ecuadorian Spanish and its discourse.



First Advisor

Dr. Lynn Pearson

First Advisor Department

Romance and Classical Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Virginia Dubasik

Second Advisor Department

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Publication Date

Fall 12-11-2017