Honors Projects


In response to the information found in existing literature, I created my own bilingual text dealing with adoption and abandonment written for young children, entitled A Family for Nadia. I have studied Spanish for four years and have worked with numerous Spanish/English speaking children in my work with a small orphanage in Guatemala. These experiences have inspired me to create this children’s book. I used the search for identity theme to tell the story of a young Guatemalan girl who has lost her parents. The story is told in both English and Spanish with bolded text to emphasize the translation between key words. A Family for Nadia tells the story of Nadia’s friend being adopted. Through this process, Nadia realizes that even though she does not have an adopted family, many people at the children’s home are just like family. Many children within the United States do not understand what is like to live in a different country, to speak a different language, or to not have parents. These experiences may be perceived as strange or even scary, but I wanted to present them in a positive light. The story is told from a young girl’s perspective so it is approachable for young readers and even though Nadia’s story does not end in adoption, it does end happily.




Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Amy Hicks

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Second Advisor

Carmen Alvarez

Second Advisor Department

Romance and Classical Studies

Publication Date

Fall 11-22-2017

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