Honors Projects

A Glance at Astor Piazzolla's Histoire Du Tango: Lecture Recital


This project is a lecture recital including the performance of four musical works from different countries as well as a lecture Astor Piazzolla's Histoire Du Tango. The four pieces performed in this recital were Eldin Burton's Sonatina for flute and piano, the first movement of Astor Piazzolla's Histoire Du Tango, Hirota's Shikararete, and Bela Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances for piccolo and piano. Before performing the Piazzolla, there was a lecture which included the teaching of the musical aspects of the tango within this piece, a short biography of Piazzolla, and a historical look at the four movements of this piece. For the recital there were also program notes included to further educate the audience on the four pieces performed.


Music Education


Music Education

First Advisor

Conor Nelson

First Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Second Advisor

Katherine Meizel

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Fall 11-19-2017

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