Honors Projects


For my Honors Project, I set out to help improve the Presidential Scholars Award program. The PSA program offers its recipients the opportunity to engage in a four-year, co-curricular experience during their time at Bowling Green State University and during their time in the BGSU Honors College. For this project, I sought to recommend a new four-year model for the PSA program founded on formal, published research and my own qualitative research. This new model includes common experiences for each class level such as regular meetings and yearly events to establish a cohort culture. In completing this project, I advance recommendations in this proposal that can be utilized to create a well-rounded PSA model that can be implemented in the Honors College for years to come.




Individualized Planned Program

First Advisor

Dr. Heath Diehl

First Advisor Department

Honors Program

Second Advisor

Dr. Kacee Snyder

Second Advisor Department

Honors Program

Publication Date

Spring 4-20-2018