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Rebecca LordFollow


This research project explores the usability and usefulness of the “Libraries” webpage located within students’ MyBGSU account through usability testing. Usability testing is a method in which participants are asked to complete tasks within a platform (e.g. webpage, mobile app, etc.) that mimic a typical user in order to understanding their behavior, challenges, and thoughts about it. Ten Bowling Green State University (BGSU) students of various majors and years were randomly selected and asked nine questions about their opinions regarding the “Libraries” page, such as what they like and don’t like, and what they find useful, as well as things they would change. Recommendations were made based on the results of this study and given to the BGSU Library staff for future improvements to the webpage.


Visual Communication and Technology Education


Visual Communication Technology

First Advisor

Jodi Fall

First Advisor Department

Visual Communication and Technology Education

Second Advisor

Linda Rich

Publication Date

Fall 12-8-2017