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The basis of this project was to create a series of dance-based exercise activities to be used as part of an exercise class for elderly people who are classified as fall risks. The idea was to approach exercise through a medium that was convenient and versatile for the class leader, while being comfortable and fun for participants. The activities were developed and presented over the course of the six-week P.L.A.C.E. Program, held at the Montessori School of Bowling Green. Participants met four times to take part in a guided exercise class, and enjoy other activities. At these sessions, participants were led through a series of activities (some dance-based and some not.) Throughout the sessions, notes were made of what did and did not work for class, and what the participants did and did not engage in. On completion of the project, the activities were adjusted to align better with the participants and the class setting. The end result was a series of activities which could be used in a group exercise class for people who are fall risks, to engage participants and encourage their success with the activities.





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Colleen Murphy

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Barbara Hayden

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Exercise Science

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