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This is a fictional podcast series that presents a story that is completed through roleplaying. The structure follows that of a video game, with the main characters, or "players," interacting with a set plot while deciding their own course of action. I act as the narrator for the story, controlling the plot and setting as well as non-player characters, or "NPCs." For the purposes of consistency and making sure the characters do not do anything that would be considered too over-powered or unrealistic, I have chosen to use the rule guide and statistics modifier system presented by Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition structure. To account for probability, dice are rolled each time a character wants to perform a type of skill check, with modifiers added on for skills specific to each character.

For this project, I have collaborated with three others, and they act as the main characters as I guide them through the story and react to and narrate whatever course of action they wish to follow.


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Creative Writing

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Abigail Cloud

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Rick Busselle

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Visual Communication and Technology Education

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Winter 2-2018