Honors Projects

Organic Eating: Inspiring & Educating College-Aged Students


This is a short documentary created for the audience of college-aged students. The goal is to inspire them as well as educate them on organic produce. It shows testimonials from three different people. These testimonials include opinions and knowledge on the topics of organic produce as well as buying local produce and going to farmers markets. It dives into the following questions: what does the word organic mean? why is organic produce more expensive? what are the implications of buying organic or buying local? why is there a large disconnect between consumers and the food they are purchasing? what are ways students can incorporate sustainable purchasing into their lives?



First Advisor

Sean Burres

First Advisor Department

Visual Communication and Technology Education

Second Advisor

Dr. Nick Hennessey

Second Advisor Department

Environment and Sustainability

Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2018