Honors Projects


I believe my project will be the best project for me using both of my majors. It is a great way for me to take some of the knowledge I learned here at BGSU and apply it to a real life scenario I could pursue in future years. Investing at a young age is very important to help raise a lot of money for my retirement, something that I am learning right now in class. People coming out of college usually aren’t very concerned with investing at such a young age. I want to take advantage of this opportunity that is in front of me and make sure that I don’t wait to long to invest. In order to invest, I have to be knowledgeable so I don’t lose a lot of the money. Obviously for this project, I will not have a retirement plan, but this will definitely be a portion of my investments when I am older. I want to be able to learn about the stock market so I can become a “master” when I am older. This simulation will show if I should invest in the stock market or not when I graduate. If I have success or feel comfortable doing it, which I plan on executing, then I fully anticipate doing this when I am older. This project will be great practice for me and will be a great project to show a lot of information that I learned here while at BGSU.





First Advisor

Michael Slates

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Brian Rohrs

Second Advisor Department

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Publication Date

Fall 12-11-2017