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The soft coral Sinularia flexibilis contains an aqueous alcohol extract that has shown antineoplastic activity against lymphocytic leukemia (Weinheimer and Matson, 1977). It also has other biological properties that work as antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory agents, and cytotoxicity activities (Kamel and Slattery, 2005). There is much research on the effects of flow rate on growth and morphology (Khalesi, Beeftink, & Wijffels, 2007) and the effects of light-dependency on growth rate (Khalesi, Beeftink, & Wijffels, 2009). The purpose of this student project was to further research on S. flexibilis, as well as incorporate that research into evaluating the effects of lecture-based teaching methods versus 5E-based teaching methods. The results showed nearly a two-point difference in the averages of the quizzes given in the two lectures, with the lecture-based lecture having the higher average. The qualitative feedback from the students attending both lessons also showed a significant preference for the lecture over the 5E lesson.


Biological Sciences



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Matthew Partin

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Biological Sciences

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Emilio Duran

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Winter 12-6-2017