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In order to provide a management plan for Burt Lake, a survey was conducted from July to August in which potential habitat was surveyed for the reintroduction of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens). This was done so by evaluating physical parameters of Burt Lake and the surrounding tributaries, presence and absence of invasive plants and unknown algae, and presence of crayfish. For sturgeon habitat, sediment and physical properties (light, temperature, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity) were sampled on 14 sites in Burt Lake . Similar measurements and samples were also taken in 3 sites on each of the surrounding tributaries, with the addition of flow velocity. Sampling for invasive plants and algae was focused around sturgeon sampling locations, and crayfish were sampled for near the mouth of the Indian River. Habitat was found to be best suitable for Lake Sturgeon spawning in the Indian River and in Sturgeon River. No new invasive plant or algae species were found in Burt Lake, although monitoring should continue. Crayfish presence was confirmed in Burt Lake.


Biological Sciences



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Paul Moore

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Biological Sciences

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Andrew Kear

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Environment and Sustainability

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Fall 8-20-2016