Honors Projects


Leah NeelFollow


In Fall 2016, a training seminar was established to help prepare Learning Assistants to succeed in their positions. The goal of training is to better prepare the LAs for their position and provide them with tools to effectively interact with students. The effectiveness of this seminar was measured by conducting a survey to assess for levels of transformation. This preliminary work detected signs of transformation and found the training seminar to be effective in reaching its goal. This work also led to revised method of how to measure this transformation. A new survey was developed which allows better comparison of various training approaches. The current work evaluates the revised survey for its ability to detect transformation in the LAs and investigates its utility in detecting differences among various approaches to LA training. Four categories of transformation were assessed for this study; confidence, skills, perspective, and identity. This study found that the newly formed survey was effective and easy to evaluate for transformation. The results of the study also showed further evidence that LA training influences transformation.


Honors Program



First Advisor

Karen Sirum

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Staci Freeworth

Second Advisor Department

Food and Nutrition

Publication Date

Spring 4-2018