Honors Projects


I have written and illustrated a children’s book and created a variety of lesson plans that can be used alongside my book. The book is titled The Magnificent Cambry And The Not So Magnificent New School. Children’s books are incredibly valuable in helping children develop and be an aid to their learning. The Magnificent Cambry And The Not So Magnificent New School centers on a young girl who deals with the struggles of having recently moved to a new place, is attending a new school, and is trying to adjust to these new changes in her life. This projects was motivated by research conducted on children’s literature, its use in elementary education, and making literature meaningful for children. Therefore, this book is meant to be a way to help students relate to each other, empathize with the characters, as well as engage with the story in multiple ways, which is demonstrated through the lesson plans.


Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Amy Hicks

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Second Advisor

Alicia Mrachko

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School of Intervention Services

Publication Date

Spring 1-30-2018