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Stereotyping in the Adolescent Society


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This website was created for pre-service teachers in a four tear education preparation program with intentions of graduating with a teaching license. The site explores the prevalence of stereotyping in the adolescent world, particularly in the classroom environment. The site explores the negative effects on students and their learning processes when stereotyping takes place. Also explored are two of the most common types of stereotyping, Minority Group stereotyping and Gender Role stereotyping. Those accessing the site will also find many types of outside resources that will provide lesson plans to incorporate in their classrooms, videos to share with their students, and other links to research studies conducted about stereotyping.




Integrated Language Arts Education

First Advisor

Dr. Heath Diehl

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Honors Program

Second Advisor

Dr. Brigid Burke

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School of Teaching and Learning

Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2018