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Musicians across all career stages experience performance-based pain and injury, and due to demanding rehearsal and performance schedules, collegiate musicians are uniquely vulnerable to these conditions. To provide collegiate musicians the most effective coping mechanisms for performance-based pain and injury, it is important to first understand the extent to which collegiate musicians are affected by these conditions. The purpose of this multi-tiered study was to create a customized web resource to connect collegiate musicians with local, accessible treatment and prevention options. An initial questionnaire was distributed to music students attending Bowling Green State University, and this questionnaire received 45 valid responses. Significant results of this questionnaire highlighted that the vast majority of participants (84%) experienced pain problems that interfered with their ability to play their instrument or sing at the level of which they are accustomed. My project, titled Playing Without Pain, is designed to provide collegiate music students with attainable resources to treat and prevent performance-based injuries through an interactive website. I intend to create a dialogue about performance-based pain within the collegiate music student community in hopes of normalizing this problem and providing students with the help they need to pursue a healthy and prosperous career in music.


Music Performance Studies


Music Performance

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Dr. Lisa Martin

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Music Education

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Dr. Mary Natvig

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Spring 4-26-2018

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